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Web Consulting Services / Web Agency

The simple example of the quality of our web site and our presentations says it all about the web services offered by talman and what you can expect from our partnership.

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With 15 years of web experience, talman is involved in consulting and development of your Internet project to accommodate your needs but also to include our optimizations to make your web a real new experience.

Design your solution:
• Analysis of existing
• Needs Summary
• Choice of technologies and computer tools

Definition of technical architecture Project definition:
• Specifications
• Functional and technical specifications
• Tender Realization Steering the performance:
• Business Analysis (strategic direction, technical trading, consulting and ergonomic design ...)
• Amoe (quality assurance, technical expertise, audit, tunning)

Training and mentoring
Skills transfer

The creation of websites is one of our strengths. We create custom websites tailored to your needs and the needs of end users. Our management solutions and content publishing are thought to make your life easier.       

In practical terms?       

We are able to meet your demands:
         - Showcase website
         - E-commerce website
         - SMD type manageable Site
         - Applicatif web
         - Mobile Sites
         - Blogs
         - ...

Our skills to create websites, and more broadly in terms of online and traditional communication, enable us to offer a wide and comprehensive range of additional services: email campaigns, SEO, e-marketing, hosting ...

Artistic Side

We will understand and graphically translate the values of your organization, develop the strategy of your brand and ensure visual consistency of a project throughout its development and evolution.       


Whether a custom site or a site based on an open source CMS (Wordpress, Prestashop ...), we consider it important to meet international standards so that your websites are accessible and secure from all browsers.       


Thanks to our different platforms and our infrastructure, sites that we develop have perfectly reliable optimiséq and secure. The technical quality of sitesque we build, will provide both internal and external, real experience. All technologies are proven and adapt to the needs of organizations.       


Whether it is a creation of logo, a graphic, pads, brochures ... our dedicated teams will advise and establish a consistent picture with you.


Cloud Computing

Thanks to cloud computing, using technologies doesn't implies investing more heavily. On the bottom of a deep transformation of services and contract types, talman helps your organization better understand the cloud computing.

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To use the definition of cloud computing given by Accenture, it is "making dynamic by third parties of IT capabilities (hardware, software and IT services) via a network."

Obviously, talman experience in the field of SaaS and ASp makes us be at the forefront of modernity and understanding of cloud computing. In fact, the sharing of computer resources and technology is not a new thing. But the increase in network capacity, the development of cloud computing based on SaaS are an essential part of the technological landscape of today.

Cloud computing is a new IT services dedicated to process rationalization that can support your organization's development.


Like any new technology, so not yet fully mastered or acquired (especially in terms of safety), cloud computing has advantages and disadvantages. talman developed on the basis of his experience SaaS methodology and a range of solutions that are designed to help organizations better understand the technology and define their adoption and transformation strategies.       

talman provides with recognized experts to support organizations that question whether or not to use cloud computing.

The SaaS model (and Cloud Computing) can offer applications such as your payroll or Oracle applications simply by subscribing to a range of services instead of acquiring and implementing a proprietary solution. talman is responsible for the implementation, deployment, maintenance and updates. Cloud Computing, according to our model, enables faster return on investment, reduces IT costs and provides flexibility, scalability and security finally!

Projet Cloud

When it comes to cloud, there is no single answer, but different deployment models and multiple solutions to meet all needs of the market.

    In addition to its technological expertise and its proximity to agile organizations talman offers a tailored product portfolio for all industries and all areas of application.

    Large or small, each organization can leverage a cloud strategy if accompanied in its efforts to develop the solution that will make the difference. talman will advise you.