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What are the reasons companies turn to SaaS and the Cloud? Given its optimized cost and its significant benefits (including increased flexibility anda accelerated deployment), SaaS is growing rapidly, particularly in the areas of customer relationship management and management of human capital (skills and payroll).

The use of SaaS and Cloud can be an important vector for transformation of the organization, its technical infrastructure and IS in general. Innovative capabilities offered by the SaaS versus on-site technologies are strengths to achieve rapid profitability targets.

Leading organizations use SaaS particularly in the context of the supply chain management solutions, human capital management, and applications to support sales forces. SaaS also allows them to:
- Reduce duplication and achieve economies of scale in terms of operating and maintenance costs, operating migrating applications to the cloud.
- Extend the benefits of SaaS to use indirect channels via new SaaS ecosystem to collaborate in a way that was previously not possible in the context of on-site technologies.
- Stir SaaS in the global architecture in business models for new activities to improve the efficiency and quality of operations.
-. Reaching more significant results using the flexibility of the SaaS model to test and experience a development scenario assumption that is not rigid but fluid
- Benefiting from a 360 degree perspective of the consumer by integrating SaaS social networking technologies to improve the customer experience.

Over the past 15 years, talman has conducted many SaaS implementations. talman, relying on its network of service centers (Paris and Ouagadougou), involves dedicated teams and SaaS provides a logical extension of its hosting and outsourcing activities.

talman proposes a project-type approach, according to its well defined methodology of the provision of SaaS and cloud solutions, and provides organizations with flexible tools to help them integrate third-party publishers SaaS solutions.


talman SaaS : Lets help companies identify how the SaaS model can be used. This support offer covers strategy, planning, implementation and operations solutions.

alman hosting: hosting solution for your software. for example, talman realizes the initial investment and then leases integrated suite. the rental price covers all services such as infrastructure, licensing, maintenance, mounted versions ...

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