Our methodology

It is a coherent set of best practices and industrial measures so as to ensure quality, productivity and minimizing risk. Its goal is to build and transfer innovation and competitiveness without influences from any market solution supplier.

Our methodology brings together your business expertise, your business objectives and our own technical and functional benchmark in the most optimal manner, in accordance with time and resources.

Going through this approach, Talman offers with a unique project framework that mixes the 4 key success factors for your projects:
- Prerequisites business benchmarked
- Factors of Communication & Organization considered
- Management of various teams
- Commitment to support to development, production and maintenance


A simple clients oriented approach

The simple, effective Talman approach is a comprehensive program dedicated to the delivery productivity and optimization of resources.

This methodology is a projects' toolkit, documents, deliverables, schedules, examples, organizations ... that defines each sequence and activities with each of the inputs and outputs.

Our methodology is based on standards and has proven its ability to address projects of any size in any industry each with measurable benefits.

Our methodology consists of project phases followed by a delivery commitment and permanent quality control.

Through our methodology, we have industralized projects' delivery and can thus deliver better and faster.




femme methode

For more than 15 consulting years, either on behalf of industry majors or directly for final customers, we built and matured our own methodology, issued out the best ones (Six Sigma, consulting groups and industries leaders) to ensure the success of your projects, their total alignment with your goals and to respect your Business Case.