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Legal advisor in new technologies and intellectual properties laws

Talman undertake matters in new technologies laws, communication laws, intellectual and industrial property, both advising and litigations.

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Talman experts are all high graduates specialized in new technology and intellectual properties laws. They cover all areas of law and are able to accompany you from your idea to its realization. Our strength is our versatility, our legal advisors are accompanied by the best technical experts when it comes for example to audit the security of a sytem, to conduct research or evidence to establish procedures for cyber crimes.

Our specialists are legal experts in the following domains:

Bonds and electronic commerce: Contract Law applied to the Internet (e-commerce provider liability of the Internet: ISPs, hosts, content providers, operators platforms of Web 2.0)
Internet and Intellectual Property: Intellectual Property applied to the internet (copyright, trademark and domain names, right software, database right)
Image rights, Cryptology, personal data: CNIL ...
Public Law, broadcasting, e-Administration, Civil Liberties in the Digital Environment ...
Criminal Law ICT: Offences press Cybercrime
Community and international law
ICT labor law: Labour Law, employees cyber ...
And finding evidence of unlawful acts on internet
Regulation games and bet online
Court procedures for resolving disputes related to internet ...

As part of his consulting business, consultants assist clients wishing to implement large IT projects such as the overhaul of their information systems.
Talman can then be involved in the development and negotiation of IT contracts to be concluded between the various actors in these projects.

As part of its litigation business, the firm assists and represents clients in the course of judicial expertise in IT and litigation before the courts, both in summary proceedings that background, such as:
- Action for infringement of software
- Action for damages
- Action claim
- Action for unfair competition
- Parasites
- Request for actual entry / descriptive seizure
- Ready to hand out illegal
- Reclassification of contract

Talman is involved in intellectual property law advise and more particularly in the following areas:
- Copyright (publishing, music, internet, cinema, audiovisual, fashion and textile ...)
- Law of Trademarks
- Right Designs
- Patent Law
- Advertising Law
- Press Law


Systems Security and Cyberguard

talman is proud to work with "Pandore Sécurité" for all its systems security and cyber-guard projetcs.

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Uncertainty is an inherent given the life of any organization. To maintain its value, the organization must define one hand, its strategy and objectives and secondly, to deploy the resources necessary to manage the risks it faces.

Cybercrime is a broad concept that includes "all criminal offenses that are committed on or by means of a computer system usually connected to a network. "
So this is a new form of crime and delinquency which differs from traditional forms in that it is located in a virtual space, "cyberspace". For several years the democratization of access to information technology and the globalization of networks have been factors in the development of cybercrime.
Cybercrime today is mostly represented by three types of injuries:
- The specific technologies of information and communication offenses: These offenses, it identifies violations of the automated processing of data, unauthorized processing of personal data (such as the illegal sale of personal information), offenses bank cards, encryption unauthorized or unreported or interceptions.
- Offences related to information technology and communication: this category includes child pornography, incitement to terrorism and racial hatred on the internet, with people, damage to property.
- Offences facilitated by information technology and communication, such as online scams, money laundering, counterfeiting or other intellectual property infringement.

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