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Our experience and capabilities make us a global player in the outsourcing of IT applications and infrastructure and in combined outsourcing.

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talman's approach to outsourcing of infrastructure enables organizations to free themselves, especially to gain in costs and preserving profitability.

Our product range includes solutions from the complete transformation of your service delivery to models for the management of a specific issue of cost or performance. We can help in improving the management of IT spendings or fully refocus your IT operations. To enable your organization to be agile, you need adequate and efficient infrastructure in terms of cost to meet your current and future business needs.

Our hosting services allow managers to gain control over aspects of cost, IT value chain, performance and investment.

We help companies transform their critical applications and processes and to:
       - Turn their computer using our processes, teams and tools to make it a factor of flexibility and responsiveness to serve the operational needs
       - Quickly savings that companies can reinvest in higher added value projects
       - Improve the operational efficiency of their IT while reducing the overall costs associated with its management
       - Reduce the cost of procurement of goods, services and other IT resources outside staff
       - Rapid implementation of new high value-added generation technologies
       - Encourage continuous improvement through data collected from numerous customer sites and service centers
       - Manage compliance and risk, improve traceability of their IT and business processes


The effectiveness of infrastructure management is measured by its contribution to the overall success of the organization. From the idea and design to daily operations, talman offers customers measurable gains in profitability, safety and responsiveness and allowing organizations and their systems to evolve and adapt. We combine our vision of technology with expertise in both business and technical and implementing service management and governance for the gains and benefits that our customers expect.


talman offers its clients ongoing management of their IT infrastructure to enable companies to achieve measurable gains in profitability, safety and responsiveness and enabling infrastructure to evolve and adapt to the demands business.


talman provides services either under capacity services, either as part of fully managed services in which we are leveraging service centers, assets, processes and methodologies talman. This is to be able to fully manage one of the functions of one or more of our six outsourcing service technology infrastructure. All of these services can be associated with architectural outsourcing services and / or functions to generate superior results for our clients.


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