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Sustainable Development Consulting

Talman's "Sustainable Development" consultants provide you with all their expertise to define your solutions to sustainable development and help you to implement your projects so that your commitments sustain a fruit harmonious growth.

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Of course "Development" means, in particular, the adaptation of any HRIS need to an organization's objective. For Talman, human resources specialist, this word means much more.
Because we believe that the development also applies to resources and humankind, we are committed in sustainable development actions particularly on the African continent. We recruited a specialist engineer to help us carry out local projects including:
• Design and implementation of a rainwater collector in Burkina
• Study of self-sufficiency through the implementation of an avian factory in Burkina
• Study of food security through the establishment of a processing plant for agricultural production in Burkina
• Study implantation vanilla plants in East Africa and Laos
• Study of food security through the establishment of a canning factory of agricultural production in Mali
• Design and implementation of a microcredit Mozambique structure on the pattern of "Zebu Overseas Bank" of Madagascar

talman is a local and international player in consulting, including sustainable development enabling organizations generate value from this new set of economic, environmental and social considerations.

We use our knowledge and expertise to help our clients, regardless of industry, to incorporate aspects of sustainable development within the processes and culture of their company in a high goal performance.

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