Third-party Maintenance

talman managed ans still does dozen of third party maintenances

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Support for the use, maintenance and development, mini-projects ... The TMA offers talman is both flexible and complete.

Wether the integration project has been entrusted or not to talman, teams are able to provide application management of all solutions, ERP, decision-making and application tools related value-added, regardless technologies.

To support the development of their activities, sustain investments in their IT tools and ensure continuity of service around the support, companies must ensure the application maintenance of their information system. To ensure the expertise of the delivery and absorption of loads without mobilizing their internal IT staff, many companies have entrusted their TMA to talman.

Very flexible, TMA model developed by talman adapts to the context and needs of organizations, it is also the perfect complement software package maintenance contracts.


Process TRA

Both flexible and complete the offer talman for TMA includes four activities: - Encourage ownership and proper use of solutions by users. For this talman performs media operations for use (level 1, 2 and 3) and the operational assistance.

- Improved reliability applications by corrective and preventive maintenance.

- Evolve solutions with regard to regulatory constraints and expectations of the trade by the mini-projects implemented or ongoing maintenance operations.

Perpetuate the legacy application by performing the maintenance of application software package implemented by the group talman


Third party Acceptance Phase

talman managed ans still does dozen of third party acceptance phases

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• The acceptance is an important phase in a software project but too often reduced or forgotten for lack of time, human or material resources. Application quality is paramount to ensure a service tailored to the demands and needs of users.

• The TRA is an approach for entrusting an external provider recipe for existing applications, as part of a service contract including the results of commitments in terms of quality, price and delivery.

• The TRA is the solution to ensure software quality by retaining a functional view of the project and having a very thin blanket rules-trades.

talman has a service center of "third party application acceptance" dedicated. Our engineers have mastered:
• the customer's business,
• business qualification and the acceptance,
• Project Management.

talman offers daily or forfait basis  contracts with:
• Clear and measurable commitments.
• A quality approach.
• An acceptance industrialization process and qualification

TRA allows customers to abstract organizational and human constraints related to the management of a recipe cell. talman proposes to:
• Mastering its actual costs.
• Ensure a level of service and constant quality.
• Access to specialized skills.
• Ensure the quality of service through commitment to results.

Moreover :
• We are cheaper than Indian
• We speak both French/Englis and are present at your premises if needed
• We have no time difference


process TRA

talman is located in Paris, Ouagadougou adn Abuja. Our experts work directly with our customers and work with them in the area of each of our business services. When we approach the Third Party Software, we are with you to understand your needs best and thus provide pilot our remote teams. Our working method, proven by more than five years of successful experience, we can control the recipe for our customers at a lower cost.

The test campaigns we offer are:
• integration testing
• IT acceptance before delivery to users
• the user acceptance
• regression testing
• operating tests to ensure reliable scripts
• the following tests to ensure durability and performance of the system:
• load testing,
• robustness test,
• endurance test,
• comparison test,
• test to limits.

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