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HR and Payroll Information Systems

Since the beginning, the implementation of HR solutions has been talman's core business.
We have developed the accurate projects methods, solutions and skills.

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As shown by recent researches, success in business is "talent" driven, and is represented by every individual in an organization, not just its current and future leaders.

In an economy based on knowledge, skills required for each employees, at all levels are constantly changing. In order to successfully face this reality, talented organizations invest heavily in technology to accelerate their development and associate their employees to better share and retain knowledge and experience.

To improve performance while accelerating the development of talents, organizations use technologies to better collaborate and distribute the work. Building individual skills, knowledge and skill groups, using the right systems, processes, technologies and architectures, while overall capacity of any organization can evolve and grow.



talman RH

Talman brings you in your projects:
• Expertise in functional areas addressed in your HR projects / HRIS Personnel Administration, Payroll, Training, and Career Management Skills ...
• methodological contribution and achievement of tasks inherent in driving the HRIS project
• methodological support and contribution to the achievement of specific project tasks (recipe, interfaces, data recovery ...)
• methodological contribution and assistance to perform tasks related to Change Management

Our vision for the AMOA HR is summed up in the following key points:
• Resources expert in HRIS project to not replace the Project Ownership but to assist in steering the project in some operational tasks or functional expertise in the areas of HR activities concerned.
• This is to discharge the MOA of "logistical and technical" tasks so they can become fully involved in the project activities with high added value for which their expertise is essential.
• Knowledge of best practices for optimizing the expected gains: quality gains expected (HRF performance, fluid circuits, ...) quantitative gains (ROI, ETP ...)
• Our experience with dozens of implementations in the field RH - delivered on time and in accordance with the budget - combined with a proven methodology and industrialized, and our integration expertise ensures the success of your projects.

We link your information systems (ASP, payroll, ERP ...) and third-party solutions, providing services, while simplifying your processes.

Evaluation, optimization et expansion.
We offer services to evaluate your business processes and your HR organization and to optimize and increase the use of your / your management solutions.