2806First national HRIS conference Burkina Faso

For the administrative management of "Human Resources" to the management of the "human capital" and its valuation, HRIS today must integrate upstream business strategy. It will also (should?) Impact its future organization.
Methodology and selection criteria (outsourcing? "Best of Breed" ... vs ERP) implementation, adoption strategy and stakeholder involvement, as many issues faced by HR, CIOs and more broadly to organizations.

2005First national GED conference Burkina Faso

Long associated with the simple document scanning, EDM is now part of a process for making deep day of enterprise information system. Many gains exist ... provided to navigate the shoals.
Considered "obscure" discipline for many years, electronic document management (EDM) has gradually gained its pedigree, the point of becoming unavoidable for two years.

0605talman launches and supports the annual compensation review at SCOR Group

talman overhauled the process of salary review for SCOR Group. This process has been integrated into the Group HRIS supported by the ERP Oracle-PeopleSoft.

For the third consecutive year the launch of the campaign is a success. talman was once again in charge of the maintenance outsourcing, user support, the evolution strategy and finally integration with payroll systems

0903Outsourcing and Hosting of a bank customer applications' servers

As part of its BPO business, Talman was mandated to follow the transfer application servers from client sites to the outsourced site at HP in Grenoble

The whole architecture was analyzed sizée configured and stressed.

0901Deployment of talent management solutions, insurance customer

The project's success usually depends on communication that was made before and during deployment. In addition to information at international conventions, training sessions have been set up for local HR, Paris, USA, European hubs, as well as Singapore. Managers have all seen in France were awarded the e-learning support and user guides.

2812Corporate Social network implementation Study

Half of French Human Resources departments are equipped with CSR, or plan a deployment, according to research firm Arctus

Feedback: The French specialist appetizers launched its CSR based on Salesforce Chatter on October 29th. Beyond the 15,000 posts already published, the sharing of good practice that contributes to its success.

2112Grouping and payroll outsourcing for an official administration client

As part of its BPR and BPO activities is talman ran a full audit of payroll systems of a general council. The study resulted in a series of recommendations including the consolidation up payroll systems to a single system, an overhaul of the NCC Liesa labor contracts applicable to this grouping and payroll management and talman led the project , integrated payroll system and finally a hosté

2510Institutional client GED implementation project

By enabling organizations to better control their information in general, and in particular their documents, Talman, through its offering GED provides significant benefits in terms of quality, productivity, time. Documents are easily available immediately to the right version without confusion, with authorized at the right time and in any place people. Users do not lose more time to find the documents, disseminate, verify that they have been validated and they have the latest version. Return on Investment (ROI) of a proposed GED well done and appropriately targeted to a matter of weeks.

2506Business Process Outsourcing recruitement process inssurance client

talman was mandated by AXA GS to study, frame and implement dealers Recruiting Group solution based on PeopleSoft 9.0 application. The results:  

    - Homogenization and implementing recruitment of global processes  
      - Homogenization and implementation 7 websites dedicated to recruitment to 5 countries in 3 months  
        - Development and deployment of Oracle PeopleSoft 9.0 e-Recruitment solution in 5 months  
          - More than 270,000 visits recruitment AXA sites in 2 months