Talman Group

talman®™ is a private owned company dedicated to consulting services, technology and outsourcing processes.

Talman's partners all have over 15 years of consulting experience at the same time customers, vendors and integrators hand side.

Talman's partners have decided to pool their expertise in order to change the approach and service to organizations by providing them double vision of customer service.

After more than 15 years, our consultants have taken on many projects which distribution sectors is as follows:

People at the heart of our system of though

We believe that people are the most valuable asset of any organization. Human capital, since it is now the term which refers to the value provided by the man to a company, directly impacts the competitiveness, performance and the final results of any organization.


Arnaud de la Rabustière Arnaud Bailleul first worked as a consultant for the greater consulting groups such as Ernst&Young, Accenture and CSC.
He is graduated from Compiègne High Business School, Master in IS, Liverpool MBA and Master from Strasbourg University of law