Dozens of projects, a proven methodology and expertise guarantee the success of your projects.

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Our experience with dozens of implementations in the area of HRIS and talent management - delivered on time and in compliance with the allocated budget - combined with a proven and industrialized methodology, and our integration expertise ensures the success of your projects.

We link your information systems (ASP, payroll, ERP ...) and the third-party solutions by advising you on the possibilities of integrating and providing services, while streamlining your processes to implement the best suited support system for your talents.

Evaluation, optimization and expansion:
We offer services to assess your business and your organization's HR processes and to optimize and increase the use of your talent management solutions through the exact organization of those so critical phases of go-live, post go-live and BAU.

We assist our clients in defining their goals and have a clear vision of how to integrate a solution that will perfectly match them. Whether it is the use of new technologies, specific solutions or ERPs such as SAP or Oracle, we provide a solution to problems encountered by organizations.

We help organizations to better adapt to changes in their environments. We know that any change must surely bring new solutions to complement existing systems and processes to be able to generate value.

Custom Solutions
With the combination of our tools, our skills, our partnerships and provide turnkey services, custom development saves faster competitive advantage.

Functional solutions
Gain competitive advantage by using our consulting solutions including systems integration solutions for managing human resources.

SAP solutions
SAP solutions offer certain advantages to help companies and structured.

Oracle solutions
based on our experience of 15 years in strategy solutions, implementation and updating.

Microsoft solutions
Access our expertise in Microsoft technologies to gain competitive advantage.

Open Source Solutions
Talman is based on solutions and Open Source governance structures in order to offer the most scalable tools.

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
Integration of applications and processes through service oriented architecture.

Software as a Service (SaaS)
Talman provides a range of services that can help customers realize the benefits of SaaS models.


Electronic Documents Management

Our business and technological expertise allows us to assist you throughout the phases of your EDM projects.

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Our consultants will advise and support you for a successful implementation of your EDM solution in your organization.
         - Audit - Counsulting
         - Projects and Integration
         - Quality Approach 


Talman is with you for running your EDM solution in the best conditions of comfort, safety and performance.
         - Support
         - Maintenance
         - Training

A team of experienced and pragmatic consultants, willing to share their experience and best practices in document management, and to support you in the implementation of simple and effective EDM solutions.

Process GED

We adapt to ensure the level and quality of service you desire, whether you want to remain independent, or would you rather opt for outsourcing, directly from us or through your usual suppliers.

- Audit, Studies, Council
- Assistance to Work
- Implementation and Maintenance
- Users Assistance (Helpdesk)
- Technical Assistance
- Technological Expertise

The setup of an EDM solution is not limited to the installation and configuration ofa software. We bring you real added value by understanding your context and issues, taking into account your business, your industry, your human and technical environment, offering relevant and appropriate to your needs, your expectations, your constraints, for the sake of optimum durability, performance and return on investment. We offer a real service to enable you to use your solution in the best operating conditions, productivity and security, including hosting your infrastructure and software suites offering SaaS