Functional and Technical Consulting

Through its consulting services talman supports organizations in their quest for performance. Through constant training policy and a variety of business experiences, talman offers sustainable solutions and especially supports its customers in their implementations.

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Functional Consulting:

•• Expert resources dedicated to projects allowing not to substitute organizations' business owners but to assist in project phases management, in certain operational activities, and even in funcitonal expertise.
•• A perfect knowledge of best practices allowing to optimize awaited gains : rather quantitative or qualitative (performance, ROI, FTE ...)

Technical Consulting:

• Implementation : Dozens of successful implementations combined to a proven and industrialized methodology makes talman one of the prefered systems' integrator.
• Integration : We make your live systems communicate (ASP, payroll, ERP ...) with any tiers supplier solution.
•• Evaluation, optimization and expansion : We propose designed and focused services to lever your HR business processes towards your organization as to optimize and increase your solution's usage and internal competencies.

Any successful Assistance that helps management of business in defining, monitoring and the recipe of its projects, through the alignment of the MOA with the EOM.

The Assistance Project Management plays a major role in project success as an interface between the Business Analyst (MOA) and the project management (EOM). Its mission is to provide its expertise as well as its methodological expertise in the definition and management of projects to help the Business Analyst to: Clearly define requirements and ensure the inclusion of requirements.

Benefit as soon as a ROI by responding quickly to requests for changes in the profession Controlling costs, delays and risks Verify compliance and quality of

talman RH

Assistance for Project Design and Work of Master studies in phases, construction, and overall coordination of testing and commissioning of complex plant equipment. We exercise as part of missions and major projects, with the essential aim the establishment of methods ensuring complete control of operations (studies, construction, testing), and consequently cost containment.

Our consultants are your best assets as they are fully aware of your organization, your environment and your trades. talman vou sapporte assistance in your counseling needs.

To help you in choosing a solution:
• Studies of opportunities
• Study the needs and expectations
• Benchmark
• Business Process Analysis
• Writing specifications
• Choose a solution that meets your needs
• Invitation to tender

Assist you in project management:
• Writing of detailed functional specifications
• Setting the solution
• Functional Recipe
• Change management

Directing projects:
• Animation Committees and Groups
• Planning and Budget
• Operational management



Training and Coaching

talman is a consulting group offering specialized training in change management, team management, coaching and skills development

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Two convictions lead us:
• The performance of the company depends on its ability to innovate, adapt skills and
to change men and women who compose it.
• And that the training should not escape this principle!

Our vocation:
• advise and support you in your plans change you.
• Increase professional and managerial performance of your employees.
• develop their skills through the implementation of appropriate actions.

We offer:
• A wide range of services adapted to the problems encountered.
• Effective means of concrete and dynamic individual and collective training.
• A recognized in animation training expertise.

Prior diagnosis of needs

For an effective, all training activities are the subject of a preliminary diagnosis and a thorough analysis of training needs.

Active teaching and constant innovation

• Placement tests and / or interviews prior upstream training.
• Alternating methodological contributions, self-diagnostics, workshops, educational games, quizzes, case study, filmed and set in concrete situation in relation to the problems encountered by participants.
• supports documents given to participants.
• methodological tools and Tips for operational implementation on the ground.


We propose for each seminar, an evaluation process "hot" and "cold" and
an individualized support for anchoring of learning.

Process Formation

Our areas:
• Operational Management, conducting interviews, conducting meetings.
• Motivation of teams, conflict management, principled negotiation, interpersonal communication.
• Leadership and team building.
• Annual maintenance, customer relations, time management and stress.
• Project management, change management and problem solving.
• Teacher training, mentoring.
• Taking public speaking.
• Personal Development.

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